Business and operating unit share valuation; appraisal of investment proposals; business viability; due diligence review; asset, brand, trademark and intellectual property assessment; business plan preparation for new ventures, market entry, expansions and financings; and financial modeling of cash flows and projections.


Operating, partnership, financial and exit opportunity identification, assessment, advice and planning; new venture structuring; incorporation and incubation; strategy and partnership negotiations; business plan supervision and implementation; and joint ventures, license agreements, restructuring and other forms of financial alliances and strategic repositioning.


Private placement of seed, mezzanine, working capital, expansion, acquisition and replacement debt, equity, convertible instruments and derivatives; analysis of working capital, cash-flow and funding alternatives; preparation of offering memoranda and documentation; and locating, qualifying, soliciting, negotiating and securing funding from private, public, institutional, alliance and other strategic sources.


Purchase, sale and representation of operating and strategic assets; transfer of operating and technology rights, licenses, brands, business operations, divisions and corporate entities; separation, liquidation and disposal of non-strategic ventures, liabilities and assets; and placement of partnership interests.


Partnership strategies execution; information memorandum preparation for potential buyers; location of suitable counter-parties; assessment and augmentation viability; structuring and negotiation of terms and conditions for new entity, pooling of interests and exchange of stock; and management and monitoring of documentation, transaction and transition processes.


Planning of listing, private issuance, buyback, secondary market activity, and delisting of public securities; shareholder communication and negotiation; compliance and disclosure system promotion and review; and structure and valuation of management and employee incentives.


Restructuring of affiliated core, affiliated and subsidiary companies; creation of internal compliance procedures; right sizing, outplacement, hiring and evaluation system planning and procurement; holding company implementation; and resource, scenario and goal assessment and allocation.



*Global Alliance Ltd. and its subsidiaries provide the above advisory services globally without restraint to our clients, except where prohibited.