Internet Access Provider
(New Venture in Japan)
Developed and produced business plan, privately placed venture financing with 11 strategic investors and assisted in recruitment of Japanese president. Subsequently appointed member of Board of Directors, retained strategic advisor.
Power Utility
(Australian Provincial Government)
Valued ownership of rights of way of large-scale power grid operator undergoing privatization and auction. Company subsequently sold for a $2.7 billion to US buyer.
Investment Trust Manager
(Private Offshore Company)
Advised offshore fund management company focusing on pre - IPO high-technology direct investment. Initiated and completed equity and convertible investment in six US startups.
Computer Networking Manufacturer
(Public Taiwanese Company)
Advised, structured and represented leading Taiwan company in valuation, negotiation and acquisition of 80% of networking division of public US competitor for approx. $40mm and subsequent separation of target into two independent companies.
Corrugated Container Co.
(Consortium of International Shareholders)
Produced business, expansion and financing plan for pan - Asia owner of branded containers company undergoing complete restructuring. Raised US$25 million of equity with UK, Australia and offshore investors.
Television Content Producer
(Private Malaysian Company)
Produced offering memorandum and privately placed RM12,000,000 of equity and convertible preference shares of multimedia entertainment development and production company with US and Japanese venture capital firms.
Diversified Holding Co.
(Private Japanese Company)
  Created operating model and financing plan for creation of second domestic airline carrier, the first using international partnerships.
Retail Services Provider
(Public French Company)
Evaluated industry regulations, market factors and competitive position of Japanese acquisition targets. Assisted negotiations.
Electric Power Distributor
(Private Philippines
Reviewed and extended in valuation of Philippines utility for IPO filing.
Private Investors
(Japanese and Taiwanese Individuals)
Devised and implemented pre- and post- IPO strategy for sale of shares of four seed investors in US maker of network hardware. Arranged tax-free transfer of shares and tax-neutral liquidation.
Educational Publishing Co.
(Private and Non - Profit Japanese Consortium)
Advised Japanese company in re-organizing non-profit associated company and establishment of an operating subsidiary.
Investment Trust Manager
(Private Offshore Company)
Researched industry, initiated negotiations, and completed investment in US gigabyte networking products company on behalf of Asian direct investment fund.
Corrugated Container Co.
(Private Asian Consortium)
Assisted valuation and negotiation of acquisition bid for large scale container factory in San Jose area for sale by US owner.
Computer Peripherals Maker
(Private Offshore Company)
Established in California plastic model production company. Supervised hiring of personnel and negotiation of licenses from international computer makers.
Pre-School Operator
(Private Japanese Company)
Valued license and assisted negotiations with famous US entertainment company for cartoon characters for use in advertising and textbooks.
Database Marketing Company
(Japanese Start Up)
Provide strategic and financial advice to startup software designer and producer of specialized relational software for financial services industry.
System Integrator
(Subsidiary of Public Japanese Company)
Negotiated and structured early-stage direct investment in US branded educational multimedia content creation and production company with design and manufacturing operations in Vietnam.
Financial Services
(Private Japanese Company)
Initiated discussions, assisted in production of business plan and advised mutual fund rating agency in license and investment negotiation with world-wide industry leader.
Education Review Committee
(Australian Government)
Reviewed and evaluated at the request of independent senior government panel the effect of globalization and technology advancement on higher education. Subsequently re-hired for second level further analysis.
Game Software Producer
(Private Japanese Company)
Valued equity investments, negotiated share purchase and managed creation of offshore investment trust for investment in three US multimedia ventures and one Japanese software company. Valued and advised against multiple other US venture investments
Overseas Chinese Consortium (Public and Private Companies)
Researched alternatives, interviewed competitors, evaluated feasibility and constructed strategy for creating, acquiring and assembling pan-Asian financial news service and financial instruments.
Game Software Producer
(Private Japanese Company)
Surveyed market' initiated negotiations and completed partnership with US distributors of animated game software.
Parking Developer / Operator
(Private Thailand Company)
Structured sale - leaseback financing, prepared offering memorandum, and solicited international bank guarantor and investor for privately operated Bangkok urban parking garage development.
Restaurant Chain
(NASDAQ Listed)
Structured partnership plan and solicited licensees to establish multiple independent joint ventures throughout Southeast Asia. Appointed director of Asia holding company
Retailer / Direct Marketer
(Private Japanese Company)
Valued and assisted negotiation of acquisition bid for Japan master license of US retailer of business management tools company.
Trading Company
(Public Japanese Company)
Provided investment evaluation and negotiation services for technology transfer from, license of, share acquisition in Japan subsidiary of a leading US B2B and B2C product and services marketing firm.
Employment Services Co.
(Licensee of US Company)
Valued on-going Japan operations and US licenser's offer to repurchase Japan license. Negotiated with licensor and provided operating strategy subsequently leading to IPO in Japan.
Technology Licensing Co.
(Private Japanese Company)
Structured license purchase agreement and establishment of jointly owned Japan-based distribution company for intranet security system and smart card manufacturer.
System Integrator
(Private Japanese Company)
Reviewed financial and legal documents of unsolicited acquisition bid by large US competitor. Valued offer, provided negotiation assistance and arranged structure securing shareholder and management interests.